Plant growing from the ground

New Provider

So I was looking at what I was paying for WordPress and just felt I could save some money. The old blog will still exist, I just will not put any content on there. Now I only pay for the domain name cost and the host is free. I am not that popular so I … Continue reading New Provider

EmberJS with REST API

Sometimes you have to work with API’s that are not following a certain standard. When working with these types of API’s, Ember data will not work with it unless you massage the data. This article is to talk about how can work with this and make it work better with Ember Data. So first lets … Continue reading EmberJS with REST API

Using Docker at Work for Local Development

At the company I work for we wanted to setup Docker so local developers do not have to do all this work to get their machines configured for any projects. We also wanted to get away from have documentation for different developer laptops. We use Macs, Linux, and Windows machines. So now I have decided … Continue reading Using Docker at Work for Local Development

Site Upgraded

Its been a long time and I figured I should log in and see what needs to be upgraded. So I updated all the plugins and I even upgraded to WordPress 4.8. Working on my next tutorial, so keep an eye out for it